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\chapter*{List of Publications}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{List of Publications}
\markboth{List of Publications}{List of Publications}
\textbf{This dissertation is based on the following refereed publications in chronological order}
(I have contributed to all stages of work as the lead author):
%% To prepare the entries for this list, add references to your papers like "\cite{Myself2019a}\cite{Myself2019b}" here,
%% generate the PDF with Latex, then open the generated BBL file with a text editor,
%% copy the necessary entries here, and finally, edit them with extra notes about Chapters, etc.
\item Myself and My Coauthor.
Paper title: Paper subtitle.
In {\em Proceedings of The Best Conference}, short paper track, BestConf~'15, pages 100--105. Publisher, 2015.
Materials appear in Chapter~X.
\item Myself, My Coauthor, and Another Coauthor.
My journal article.
{\em Journal Title}, 10(1):100--115, April 2016.
Materials appear in Chapter~X.
\item \ldots
\noindent Additionally, the materials of Chapter~X have been used to prepare the following full paper manuscript:
\item Myself and My Coauthor.
Manuscript title: Manuscript subtitle.
\noindent\textbf{Further publications not related to this dissertation}
(I have contributed to all or some stages of work in conceptualization, implementation, or writing):
\item Myself, My Coauthor, and Another Coauthor.
A not so relevant paper title.
In {\em Proceedings of Another Conference}, Conf~'16, pages 20--30. Publisher, 2016.